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The Endless Possibilities of Spellbinders

The Endless Possibilities of Spellbinders
There once was a crafter who loved Spellbinders dies.  She loved their beautiful designs and intricate details. She wanted to collect every set.  Sadly, her limited funds kept her from completing her Spellbinders dream of beautiful cards.....or did it.
Owning many die set does make card making an easy task.  But what if you only have a handful of sets....or maybe only two sets. Fear not, you can still create beautiful cards with only a few dies.  I am a HUGE believer that less is more.  That less pushes and enhances creativity.  In this workshop we will explore what you can do with just two die sets.  You will be amazed with the result.

By the end of the workshop you will:
  • Learn the basics of cutting with Spellbinders dies.  
  • Create simple, yet beautiful layered cards.
  • Deconstruct your die-cuts and use the pieces.
  • Learn how to use the dies for embossing and stenciling.
  • Use your dies for partial cuts and base cards.
  • Create 10 projects using the techniques we learn.
Course Syllabus

  • Lesson One:  In Lesson One we will learn the basics of Spellbinders cutting, storage and care.  We will then use our two dies sets in the most traditional way.  We will make a simple layered card.  We will also explore ways to use dies that don't quite 'fit'.
  • Lesson Two:  In Lesson Two we will deconstruct our die-cuts and use the pieces instead of the whole.  We will also create borders and frames with the dies.
  • Lesson Three:  In Lesson Three we will switch from die-cutting to stenciling and embossing.
  • Lesson Four:  In Lesson Four we will explore using the dies to create partial cuts. Finally we will use our dies to create a base card that will become a beautiful foundation for our projects.  
Student Feedback

“As always Jeri, your teaching skills excel. When you had perhaps one idea on how to begin the course we were asked to complete a pre-workshop survey. Upon completion of the surveys you realized that for the most part we were really all beginners (whether we had already collected several Spellbinders or not!) and set up the first lesson so we started with the very basic info. This is the sign of a truly excellent educator; one who reworks their lesson plans based on his/her students' needs. I have done some experimenting on my own, but due to some major physical issues haven't been able to sit (or stand) for long periods of time to complete each and every project (although I have watched each of the videos and taken additional notes). I appreciate the simple suggestions (I had NO IDEA that Post-It Notes came in full adhesive styles so OF COURSE I had to run out and get some!!) and the common sense approach that sometimes escapes us. Overthinking is something I'm guilty of and the ideas you shared made me sit back and look at my Spellbinders in a different way. When I purchase Spellbinders in the future I'll look at them differently and see how I can make them work with the ones I already own. A couple of other things that are important for beginner-level students is the fact that you allow us to print & save PDF files so we'll have them long-term for reference & as a refresher along with the ability to review the videos for a year so that we can become comfortable with the process before you send us on our way without the training wheels! ;-D My one "complaint" or "issue" about the class? It was WAY too short!!! LOL  You are a truly gifted and thoughtful educator and take care of your students in every way, no matter what our learning styles may be. I look forward to many more presentations with you and the other instructors you find. Many, many blessings on your journey.” ~ Spellbinders Student

“Fabulous class...fabulous instructor! More, please.” ~ Spellbinders Student

“I love spellbinders and this class helped me learn to use the dies in ways I did not know. Jeri you are a wonderful instructor. Thank you for a wonderful class.” ~ Spellbinders Student

Workshop Start Date: Oct 2nd
Workshop Length: 4 Weeks
Classroom Access: Students will have unlimited access to the classroom for one year from the start date.
Price: $20

********Very Important Info!********
I realize you may have some questions. :)  I have answered the two most important below.  Click here for the entire list of FAQ.
How do your workshops work?  
All of my workshops are hosted online in a private classroom.  Each workshop has a specific start and end date.  Each week the class is in session I will post new course content.  I will contact students via email when new content is available.

The classroom materials include video demonstrations, printable/downloadable PDF tutorials and slideshow presentations. Forums and a student gallery are available inside each classroom so you can interact with the instructor and fellow students.
 How do I enroll?
Enrollment is simple, but does require a few specific steps.  You will need a Google account to attend the workshop.
  1. Click on the Paypal button above to start the payment process.  You can pay either via Paypal or via credit card.  You do NOT need a Paypal account to enroll in the workshop.
  2. During the payment process you will notice an option to leave seller instructions.  Please enter the Google email address you want me to send the invitation to. (Don't worry if you miss this step.)
  3. You CAN complete the payment process without having a Google account.  But you will NEED one before I can send you an invitation.
  4. When I receive the payment one of two things will happen.
    1. If you have provided a Google email address with the receipt I will send you an invitation to join the workshop within 48 business hours.
    2. If you have NOT provided me with a Google email address I will contact you via the email Paypal provides to ask for your Google email address.  I will then send an invitation to that address. 
  5. Once you receive and accept your workshop invitation you can enter the classroom.  Be sure to stop by the workshop forum and introduce yourself. :)

If you have any additional questions or need help enrolling please contact me at workshopsbyjeri@gmail.com.

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