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Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24th Topic: Washi Tape

Happy Monday!

This week's topic is washi tape.  I will admit I was a late coming to the washi tape party.  But now that I have joined....I can really see its appeal.  It is so much fun to use.  It lends a sense of casualness to my work.  If that is even a thing. LOL!

This week scrapbooking is definitely on the to-do list.  I will be catching up on my Project Inspiration and if I get those done I will be happy.  I would love to make a card or two, but that may just be wishful thinking.

So are you in love with washi tape?  How do you use it?

We have a winner!

And now, the winner of a free seat to "Cricut: Crafting with Coloring Tools" with Shirley Pando.....drumroll,  please...
"Best Wishes on your Birthday Shirley! Appreciate this chance to win a FREE seat to "Cricut: Crafting with Coloring Tools". Would like to learn how to cut fabric with my Cricut Expression."
Congratulations, Girl Scout Belle, please email us at support.mcc@gmail.com so we can get you into class right away.
course photo
If you didn't win, there's still time to get in on this fun class. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Friday, February 21, 2014

Blog Hop!

Happy Friday Crafters!

Normally this is the day I post my projects.  But life really got in the way this week.  I know how many of you deal with the same issues and I never shy away from being truthful.  :)  So this weekend, I will pick myself up, dust myself off and get back to work.  For those of you who are also feeling the craziness of life....I hope you join me.

Thankfully, I have a couple of teachers joining me this week.  Check out their amazing work using color and water color pencils.

Check out Catherine's very pretty Project Life cards.  This is great idea for being creative in a small package.

You really need to check out Shirley's technique for using water color pencils on fabric.  Too cool!

I will be back this weekend with my own projects.....assuming of course that life behaves it self.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

We have a winner!

We have a winner for the Clean and Simple Card Workshop giveaway!
Ruth McGlewFebruary 13, 2014 at 12:34 PMI would like to feel confident with my cards. I always feel they are not good enough to send to anyone :(
Congrats Ruth!  Please contact us at support.mcc@gmail.com so we can get you enrolled.

For everyone else, thanks for leaving me some blog love.  There is still plenty of time to enroll in Clean and Simple Card Workshop.  The 1st lesson is just posted today!

See you in the classroom,

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Storage Solutions: Color and Watercolor Pencils

It's Wednesday!  Time to talk storage solutions.  I will be honest....I really though, how hard is it to store pencils.  Mine are neatly in there boxes sitting on a shelf.  Then I went to update our Pinterest Board and I realized how much better it could be.  Now I feel completely inferior in my pencil storage solutions. UGGGGG!  :)

Still mine current choice works for me.  But if you want something more creative then check out the MCL Organization Pinterest Board for some new ideas.  This is one of my favorites.  I believe they used a free standing wine rack....very cute.

How do you store your pencils?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Online class giveaway!!

Hi, I'm Shirley Pando, instructor at My Creative Classroom and part of the website support team. In fact, if you email the MCC help desk (support.mcc@gmail.com), I'm the person you'll hear back from. :-)

Do you own a Cricut machine? Maybe you are looking for more to do with it...or maybe it's gathering dust...gasp! Well, no more, I say. Come join me on a journey to discover what your Cricut machine can do for you. It's more than just little die cuts. :-)
For each of the first four months of 2014 I'm introducing another brand new online Cricut class:
I call these mini classes, but if you  know me you know I don't do anything in a "mini" way. All my classes are packed to the gills, and these will be no different. A lesser price, sure, but no less info and projects. You just can't lose! :-)

Our second class, "Cricut: Crafting with Coloring Tools" begins on Monday February 24th, my birthday! So let's have a giveaway!

Course Description
Using coloring tools with a die cut machine sounds like such an oxymoron to me. They don't seem like they should go together. But, oh, they do! Maybe you received Cricut Color Markers with the purchase of your Cricut machine and are stumped as to what exactly to do with them. If you need a little inspiration, then this class is for you. Join me in this 4-lesson class to learn how to use Cricut Color Markers, mini gel pens, and mini Sharpie markers with your Cricut machine while making several cards and other projects. Take your crafting to a whole new level!

Students will receive downloadable CCR files to use in class projects PLUS I will show you tips for creating your own files. Use any Cricut machine and any cartridge you own.
Students must have basic knowledge of their Cricut machine and the Cricut Craft Room (CCR).
Lessons Include:
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Coloring Tools
  • Lesson 2: Basic Use of Coloring Tools
  • Lesson 3: Four Cards - Borders, Backgrounds, and Images
  • Lesson 4: Lots of "Little Extras"
The course materials and projects in this class are totally new and different from "Crafting with the Cricut: Beyond Paper".


Enter for your chance to win a FREE seat to "Cricut: Crafting with Coloring Tools".  There are three ways to participate in the Giveaway. Do all three and increase your chance of winning!

  1. Leave a comment on this post and let me know what type of Cricut class interests you. Have you secretly wanted to cut fabric? Markers? Vinyl looks like fun? Let me know.
  2. For another chance to win, head to MY BLOG and follow me. Just click the little blue "Join This Site" button on the left column. If I see you in my list of followers, your name goes into the hat another time.
  3. Comment on any post on my blog and get another chance...your name goes into the hat once again!
So what are you waiting for? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! ;-)

This giveaway ends on Sunday Feb 23rd at midnight. I will post the winner on Monday February 24th...just in time for class! Already enrolled in class? No worries! If you are the lucky winner we'll refund your tuition.

Good Luck!

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17th Topic: Color or Watercolor Pencils!

Happy Monday Morning!

It's Monday and that means a brand new topic.  This week I picked two topics: color pencils or watercolor pencils.  My guess is that most of us have one or the other....or both.  I purchases a large set of Prismacolor pencils years ago and have never really used them.  This week that is going to change!

Using color or watercolor pencils on my scrapbook pages really does not fit my style. So this week I will be focusing on cards and Project Inspiration.

If you are like me in that you own these wonderful tools, but hardly use them, then I have a deal for you.  All Tombow classes are on sale this week.  Marie Browning offers classes on a full range of coloring tools. 

Be sure to let me know what you are working on this week.

Friday, February 14, 2014

February 14th: Rubber Stamping Projects #14, 15 and 16.

Happy Valentine's Day!

A quick post today...or at least quick for me.  It is Valentine's day and there is plenty to do.  What will we be doing for Valentine's day....shopping at Costco.  It is my husband's FAVORITE place to shop and I have been holding him off for a couple of weeks.  How romantic. :)

Project #14: Our Home
The little house stamps were purchased a long time ago.  I did not read the description very close and they wayyyyyyy smaller then I expected. LOL!  I have often thought I should just get rid of them, but they keep making the cut.  I don't really use tiny stamps like these...but they worked well for this border.  The paper clip is not a permanent part of the layout.  I just wanted to cover up our address. :)

Supplies:  Stamps (Maya Road/Houses Just Rite/Circle, See Dee's/Corner and Unknown/Banner) card stock, pattern paper, ink, stickers, circle cutter, brown pen, sewing machine, embossing powder, ribbon and brads.

Project #15: Thank You
After I completed this card I thought....this works way better for dry embossing.  UGGGGG!  Not sure what I was thinking. :)  Still I love the colors and the texture of the embossing.

Supplies:  Stamps (Papertrey Ink), embossing folders (Sizzix and Darcie), card stock, ink and Dew Drops.

Project #16: Project Inspiration
I am trying to keep my Project Inspiration ATC cards pretty simple.  I want them to focus on the topic, that way when I look at them I know exactly what tool/supply/technique I was using.  One of my favorite rubber stamping techniques is to create a resist using embossing powder.

Supplies: Stamps (Papertrey Ink and Unknown), card stock, ink and embossing powder.

This week MCC instructor, Shirley Pando, is also joining us.  

Check her blog for more information on this beautiful layout.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's day.  Be sure to share it with those you love.  And take a few minutes to tell me what your favorite stamping technique is and how do you use mini-stamps.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Giveaway: NEW! Clean and Simple Card Workshop

Hey fellow craft lovers!

NEW! Clean and Simple Card Workshop (Feb 20th) with Jeri Parks

Clean and simple (CAS) cards have been taking the card making world by storm.In the world of card making there are many different kinds or styles of cards, but they tend to fall into three categories. Cards that focus on products, cards that focus on techniques and cards that focus on design. It is that last type of card that is the essence of clean and simple cards.

One should never confuse quick and easy with clean and simple. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. When I create a CAS card I know the design has to be perfect. So while the card may come together quickly in the end, it takes a lot of planning before assembly begins. Sometimes small changes can make a HUGE difference.

By the end of this class you will:
  • be able to easily define and spot a CAS card.
  • Learn the design basics of balance, focal point, scale, composition, rule of thirds, weight, contrast, symmetry, texture and repetition.
  • Compare and contrast good and bad design to learn how to improve your work.
  • Receive a printable workbook to record your notes, sketches and ideas.
  • Receive 10-15 pre-designed cards with instructions and sketches to get you started.

Course Syllabus:
  • Lesson One: We will discuss what defines a clean and simple card. We will also discuss composition, rule of 3rds and focal point. You will receive your first workbook pages to print and start work on the pre-designed cards.
  • Lesson Two: We will discuss the principles of flow, balance, scale and contrast. You will receive addition workbook pages and pre-designed cards to work with.
  • Lesson Three: We will discuss the principles of contrast, color and symmetry. We will touch a bit on color theory and I will provide resources for color combinations. You will receive the additional workbook pages and pre-designed cards.
  • Lesson Four: We will discuss the principles of texture and repetition. You will receive your final workbook pages and pre-designed cards.
**************Giveaway Information**************

Leave me some blog love.  Tell me what design principle you want to learn more about. Already enrolled?  No problem, you can still participate....we will just refund your tuition. 

Giveaway ends on Monday, February 17th.  I will post the winner on February 18th.   

Good Luck!

Rubber Stamp Storage

Happy Wednesday!

It's Wednesday and that means it is our day to talk about organizing.  This week the topic is rubber stamps.  They can be one of hardest tools for us to organize.  And there really is no perfect solution...trust me I have looked for it.  :)

Many of us spent all of last year using and organizing our stamps for the Use Every Stamp 2013 challenge.  While I could have tried to share everything I learned here I thought it might be easy to reopen the classroom so you could see the original presentations and information.  So for a very limited time, Use Every Stamp 2013 is now open for enrollment.  It is a free class and open to all MCC registered users.

To get you started, here is a quick overview of my system.  I catalog my stamps in small binders.  The stamps themselves are in cd cases, except for my wood mounted stamps.  Since I have room to store them, I don't have any plans to unmount them.  I also cross reference my sentiments so I can see all of them at once.  My sentiments binder is my most helpful binder.  I am so glad I took the extra step.

I also made a template of my punches and created a catalog of my ink colors.  These save me a ton of time when creating cards.

Want to learn more?  Then head on over to My Creative Classroom and enroll in Use Every Stamp 2013.

I still have a long way to go.  But I was very happy with my progress from last year. Now it is your turn.  How do you organize your stamps.  What tips and tricks can you share.

Thanks for stopping by,

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10th Topic.....Stamps!

Happy Monday!

Today's topic is an oldie but a goodie....rubber stamps!  Since I spent all of 2013 focusing on stamps this should be an easy week for me.

Throughout the month of February we will be focusing on card making and rubbers stamping.  Be sure to check out all of our card making classes.

This week I will continue to work on cards, Project Inspiration and scrapbook pages.  It is so nice to be working with an old friend. :)

What are you working on this week?

Friday, February 7, 2014

February 7th: Embossing Projects #12 & 13

Happy Friday,

This week we are exploring embossing powders.  I have been so inspired by the My Creative Life students as they post their goals and creative statements.  One of the goals that is often stated is to try new things.  So I added that to my list this week.  While there are many different ways to use embossing powder...there are not that many techniques.  So I choose to use it on black paper this week, something I have never done before.

I should also mention that life got in the way a bit this week.  I was only able to create a small scrapbook page and card.  I guess I should not use the word 'only'.  Anytime I am able to get time in my craft room that is a success for me.  I know it is not to be taken lightly. :)  I will still be creating my ATC card and I will post it when it is done.

Project #12-Happy Birthday
Other then Halloween I have never made a black card.  I do really like how it turned out, but I am not sure it feels happy enough to be a birthday card.  I also used an unopened jar of embossing powder.  That is always a bonus.

Supplies:  Card stock, stamps (Stampabilites and Just Rite Stampers), dies (Spellbinders and Just Rite Stampers), embossing powder (Ranger), ink and Dew Drops.

Project #13
I also completed the 1st page of my son's black belt album.  It is a small album (5x7)....a size I enjoy working with.  It keeps the pages simple and easy to create.  I used a stencil for the embossed areas.  Again a new technique for me.  I really like how it turned out.  Even better....I had yet to use the stencil.  I am really starting to love using all these 'new' supplies. :)  I think I could find something new to use each week for the rest of the year.

Supplies: Stencil (Club Scrap), card stock, embossing powder (white), ink, pattern paper and stickers.

So tell me what you think.  Do you like working with black?

Thanks for stopping by,

Blog Hop!

Several MCC faculty members joined me this week.  Be sure to check out there work below.

Check our Shirley's blog to see how she created this beautiful layout.

Deena Ziegler

Found out how versatile embossing powder can be on Deena's blog.

Creations by Donna Maligno

Donna's shows you how to add a little sparkle to your life

Be sure to check out Donna's Heat Embossing class.  It will make you a pro in no time flat.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Embossing Powder Storage

It's Wednesday!  Time to talk about storage. :)  I must admit my embossing powder storage is pretty boring. In my defense I am a function or form gal when it comes to organizing.  And what I am currently doing works for me.

I have many of these modular craft storage cabinets.  This one has three drawers and one of them houses my embossing powder.  Except for clear, which I buy in larger quantities.  I store that next to my desk in a plastic container.  My heat gun literally hangs from my desk.  I love those 3M hooks. :)

If you are new to embossing I also highly recommend the Ranger Craft Mat.  It really helps to protect my work surface.  Not that I am messy or anything like that. :)

I updated our Pinterest board for storage and organizing.  I do really like the idea of using a k-cup storage tree for embossing powder.  Great for keeping things visible.  But I really don't have the extra surface space for that.  I also need to label the jars with white lids.  It annoys me that I cannot see the color when I look in the drawer.

I have been so inspired by everyone who has joined the My Creative Life 2014 classroom and posted your goals and creative statements.  Many of you stated you want to try new techniques this year.  So I am on the hunt for a new embossing technique to try this week. :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

And the winner's are!

Last week we had a giveaway for two brand new classes from Jennie Black.  Thanks to everyone who joined the fun.  Our winners are:

For the Alcohol Markers Class:

NorsprncssJanuary 27, 2014 at 1:36 PM
I'm always looking for new ways to use the markers and pencils I already have! Thanks for the chance. Welcome to Jennie!

For the Watercolor Stamping Class:

Liz LumsdenFebruary 2, 2014 at 12:45 PMOh my! I would love to win this! Sound like wonderful classes. 

Ladies...please contact us at support.mcc@gmail.com so we can get you enrolled.

There is still plenty of time to enroll in both of these classes.  Click here to learn enroll.  And watch for more chances to win!


Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3rd Topic: Heat Embossing

Happy Monday!

It is time to post a new blog topic.

Many of your guess the right topic.....embossing. Next week I make my riddle a bit harder.  This week we will focus on heat embossing.  We will explore dry embossing at a later date.

Sad to say when I set up everything to take this photo I realized I have embossing powder jars that I have never opened.  And I don't even have that many.  Hopefully this week I can solve that problem. :)

I was a long hold out on heat embossing.  I did not want to start a new 'addiction'.  But I finally jumped in head 1st.  I am happy say that even though I really do love heat embossing, I have not become a huge collector.  I still only have a small assortment of colors....and that suits me perfectly.  My favorite color actually has no color, it is clear.  It allows me to use any of the inks I have on hand.

I have never used heat embossing on a scrapbook page, so that will be a new adventure for me.  I have yet to even decide what page I will be working on.  But that is part of the fun. :)  I will also be working on my ATC card for Project Inspiration.  And there is NO way I cannot create a few cards this week. I need to make a few Valentine's Day cards....that is tops on my list.

So what are you working on this week.  Will you be joining me as I play with embossing or are you choosing a different topic.  What projects are you working on this week?

Thanks for stopping by,