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The Challenge

Welcome to My Creative Life 2014!

I am so glad you decided to join us.  I am the founder of My Creative Classroom and current co-owner of Craft Classes Online.  We offer arts and craft classes to students around the world.  I started MCC eight years ago and it has been quite a journey.  During the early years of My Creative Classroom I barely had time to catch my breath, much less time to create.  Unfortunately, I often turned to shopping to meet my creative needs....I know many of you have done the same from time to time. :)

In 2013, I decided to change that.  Last year I started the challenge blog Use Every Stamp 2013.  My goal was to use and organize my many, many, MANY stamps.  It was an amazing year, filled with new friendships and fun.  I accomplished many of my goals for the year.  I was not able to use all of my stamps, but I was able to become more organized and spent more time creating then I had in the previous years since I started MCC.  That was a huge success for me.

Now 2014 has just begun and it is time to start a brand new challenge.  This year we will NOT focus on a single supply.  Each week we will explore new supplies and techniques. We will take an in-depth look at finding time in our busy schedules to be creative and how to add creativity into our daily lives.  You will also get an inside look at my creative process.  Just like in 2013, this challenge has its roots in my own personal creative goals for 2014.  I want to continue my journey and add even more creativity to my life.  I hope to re-discover my love of scrapbooking and complete a number of home decor projects sitting my on desk.  I want use a larger selection of supplies and maybe even do a little organizing along the way.  I hope to create a clear vision of what I want from my creative time and find ways to spend more time in my craft room.

Most importantly, I hope you choose to join me.  It was an amazing journey in 2013 and this year looks even better. If you are a student at My Creative Classroom or Craft Classes Online then you know one of my goals has always been to help you use your 'stuff'.  This year we are really going to focus on that goal.

The My Creative Life 2014 challenge has two main components.

The Blog:

  1. On Monday I will post what our focus will be that week.  It might be buttons, ribbon, die-cuts, fibers, clay, stickers, etc.  Each week will have a new focus.
  2. On Friday I will post my projects for the week.  My goal is to create one ATC card and one scrapbook page per week.  I will be displaying the ATC cards in my craft room as a point of inspiration.  Along the way I will also be creating cards and home decor projects.  
  3. Additional posts throughout the week giving you inspiration, tips and techniques for getting more out of your supplies.  
  4. Each week I will also create a video highlighting my creative process using the weekly product.  These process videos will only be available via our newsletter.
  5. A huge part of this challenge is to find ways to add creativity to our daily lives.  I will be sharing what works for me and tips for keeping the process simple.
The Class:
  1. Time Management for the Creative Soul - Now open for enrollment for a very limited time.  Current 50% off its 2015 price.
Here's what you won't find:
  1. Step-By-Step instructions for my projects.  From time to time I may add tutorials, but it is not the main focus for this blog.
  2. Perfection-My work nor my life is perfect.  I tend to show the good, the bad and the ugly.  Sometimes things do not go as I plan them.  Why do I share all of it?  Because I don't want you to feel like you need to be perfect too.
  3. Pressure-This challenge is meant to be fun.  If you choose to join participate, and I hope you do, I encourage you to make the challenge work for you.  Adapt it to fit your needs not mine. 
Thanks for stopping by,
Jeri' Parks


  1. Jeri, another great challenge this year! I look forward to following along with you :) You have been an inspiration to me to make time for crafting( even among busy seasons) and using up what I have!! Keep up the great work!

    1. Karen,

      Thank you! I am so excited about this year. Even more then last year. I finally feel that creative part of myself growing and that is a very happy place to be.


  2. I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you. I started 2014 with the intention to do some art everyday, even if only 15 minutes. I so want to incorporate my art into my schedule. In the past I have always made time for everyone and everything else so I am looking forward to your guidance.

    1. Hi,

      I hope you have enrolled in the class to. I actually have a section called the 15 Minute Challenge. :)

  3. Just discovered this course...so excited to jump in :)

  4. I'm so happy I discovered your blog and the Creative Challenge for 2014!