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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Storage Solutions: Color and Watercolor Pencils

It's Wednesday!  Time to talk storage solutions.  I will be honest....I really though, how hard is it to store pencils.  Mine are neatly in there boxes sitting on a shelf.  Then I went to update our Pinterest Board and I realized how much better it could be.  Now I feel completely inferior in my pencil storage solutions. UGGGGG!  :)

Still mine current choice works for me.  But if you want something more creative then check out the MCL Organization Pinterest Board for some new ideas.  This is one of my favorites.  I believe they used a free standing wine rack....very cute.

How do you store your pencils?


  1. Mine are either in my tote that goes to crops with me or just in a pencil box. Since I do at least half on my crafting on the go, I need A LOT more portable storage solutions. Unfortunately, they are NEVER as pretty as this! ;)

  2. Love that wine rack idea! I don't use colored pencils that often so mine are in their original boxes, too.

  3. I use a wine rack also and have plastic cups I saved from Starbucks!

  4. I'm with Jeri and Shirley, my pencils are all in their boxes in a drawer unit on my craft desk. My copics are all in a tote that I filled up with Crystal Light containers - can sort my markers by family and they all stay upright. I can't add any more into the tote, so I've decided I have enough Copics! I find my pencils less stressful to use, especially the watercolor ones.