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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cricut: Crafting with Fabric starts today!

Have you been secretly longing to use your Cricut machine to cut fabric but are afraid to try? Maybe you've tried, but gave up in frustration. There are some limitations, but with just a little know-how, you, too, can successfully cut fabric with your Cricut. Create fun little shapes for cards, T-shirts, pillows, tote bags, aprons, quilts, and more! Take your crafting to a whole new level!

In this class students will:

  • Learn which fabrics and Cricut images work the best
  • Learn how to prepare and cut fabric with their Cricut
  • Create several projects of their choice using the fabric appliques

In this class students can create projects which require absolutely no stitching or finish off the projects withe hand stitching or your sewing machine. Please see Supply List for specific lesson projects. Students will receive two downloadable Cricut Craft Room files for the various projects. Use any Cricut machine and any cartridge you own. Students must have basic knowledge of their Cricut machine and the Cricut Craft Room (CCR) if they will be using it in class.

Workshop Start Date: Tuesday, November 4th
Workshop Length: 3 Weeks/4 Lessons
Classroom Access: Students will have unlimited access to the classroom for one year from the start date.
Price: $20

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