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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Last day to save on the Color Inspiration: Gelatos workshop.

Do you own a set of Gelatos? Maybe you have yet to use them? Or maybe you have used them only a few times and now they are resting quietly in a lonely draw? Now is a great time to get them back out and join me the Color Inspiration: Gelatos.  This workshop is currently on sale for a very limited time.  Sale ends tomorrow, Sept 26th, at 10:00 am central time.

Gelatos are a wonderful option for adding color to your projects. they are easy to store and fun to collect. But learning to use them takes some practice. I will share my favorite tips and techniques. The results will amaze you....and hopefully leave you Color Inspired!

Join me as we explore this art medium in depth. We will explore both dry and wet options. We will test seven paper types, including:

  • Hot Press Watercolor Paper
  • Cold Press Watercolor Paper
  • Canvas
  • Canvas Paper
  • Sticky Back Canvas (Ranger Industries)
  • Card Stock
  • Aged Book Paper
  • Then we will pull it all together and create two beautiful cards using what we have learned.
 Lesson Include:

  • Lesson One: The Basics - What are Gelatos? Are there alternative products? We will also view my samples and you will learn my favorite techniques for using Gelatos.
  • Lesson Two: The Papers - In lesson two we will test seven different papers and how to best use Gelatos with each paper.
  • Lesson Three: The Stamps - In lesson three we will explore how to color stamped images. We will use both wet and dry methods.
  • Lesson Four: The Cards - In lesson four we will pull it all together and create two beautiful cards.
Student Feedback

"I've LOVED every class I've taken and look forward to taking more!"~Susan, MCC Student

"This class was great. It taught how to use new products with content (work) was simple to accomplish in the length of time allotted to the class. The instructor was quick to answer questions and seemed to delight in what she was doing. I like this instructor a lot."~ Karla, MCC Students

"One of the most helpful sections was the comparison of the gelatos on different paper and coloring techniques, as well as the helpful hints--really great!!!"~Julia, MCC Students

"I just want to say thanks for having the class! I learned a lot and it got me using the gelatos I have purchased and barely used! It is nice to used them for things other than mixed media art journals!"~ Barbara, MCC Student 

Click here for supply list.

Workshop Start Date: Immediately
Workshop Length: 3 Weeks
Early Enrollment Special: $15 

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