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Friday, January 10, 2014

Getting Ready

It is almost time!

I think it is important to do some prep-work when I start a new projects or challenge.  Don't worry...it does not involve going to the doctor. LOL!  But it may involve going to a craft store and what could be more fun then that.

As we begin the 2014 My Creative Life challenge I have decided to focus on scrapbooking and ATC cards for my inspiration project. (More info on that in a later post.)  I can't imagine going the entire year without making some cards and tags so I got those ready too.

My favorite albums to use are from Bind-it-All.  I love their Cover-Alls.  Which they are unfortunately discontinuing, so I stocked up.  I know I can make my own, but they make my life a little easier and that is always good.

I also like adding different size pages to my albums.....like a smash book.  Enter the Cricut.  I can design and cut pages that work perfectly.  Again, making my life a bit easier.

I still have few items to get, including a school album for my son.  Hard to believe, but I only have one layout done from his school years and he is 10.  The shame of it, said in jest of course. (Guilt has no place in my crafting room.)  But I plan to change that is year.  It is his last year before middle school so my goal is to have elementary school done before September.

I also order my photos from 2013 for my yearly review album.  And that is when I realized I needed a different plan of action regarding photos.  I am just not taking many photos anymore.  The problem is I have a really nice, and big, Cannon camera that I use for work and when I want really good pictures.  But it is big and bulky to carry around.  And there are places I don't want to take it for fear it will get damaged.  So that means many of our snapshots end up on our phones.  Which is far from ideal and most of them time we never bother to print them at all.  So I finally broke down and purchased a small point and shoot camera.  Small enough to fit in my purse so I can always have it with me.  That means that next year I can complain about having too many pictures. LOL!

So there is my list of what I need to meet my 2014 goals.  What is your list?


  1. I have several things to do for 2014, but with this challenge I will most likely focus on the several scrapbooking projects I need to do this year.
    Two bridal shower/wedding albums...one for me and one for my #1DS and DIL.
    One single SB page (actually seven pages of the exact thing) for a family album.

    Today I am getting ready. I am printing a few photos that I need and then organizing photos by date for the large albums.

  2. This week I will print pics to finish a scrapbook page I started long ago and I will choose a card to make. I will be ready on the 17th.

  3. This year I would like to focus on my supplies and seeing what can be used up. Is six huge cropper hopper paper holders filled with card stock too much? Should my box of Christmas paper and embellishments weigh more than my middle son? He is seven years old. I have stimulated the scrapbooking economy for eight years . Let's use it up.

  4. Last year, I spent a great deal of time organizing my craft room. While it isn't perfect, I do find that I now know where most of my supplies are located so I'm using more effectively and efficiently. This year, I will continue with that plan, but I love the idea of this challenge forcing me to try out new supplies each week. Would you believe I bought a grommet tool and have YET to use it! and that was years ago.