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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Organizing Spellbinders

Happy Wednesday,

It is time to talk organization.  I have been 'collecting' Spellbinders dies for years now.  Through the years I have had many different systems for organizing them.  Some work better then others. :)  My final option was the one you see below.  It is a converted shoe tree.  I wish I could say the idea was mine, but I found online.....somewhere.  I actually have two of these shoe racks.  This one holds my low profile dies, embossing folders and some stamps from Tim Holtz and Just Rite Stampers.  The 2nd shoe tree holds stickers and other embellishments.  You can purchase them from Amazon and I believe they also make one that goes all the way to the ceiling.  Just think of how many dies that would hold.  I use the Clip it Up clips to hold what hangs from the tree.

I remove the dies from there packaging and place them in a heavy duty zip lock bag.  Again you can find these on Amazon.  I label each bag.  I also need to add hanging labels so I can sort them into categories.


I then punch a hole in the the top of the cards that come with the dies and put them on a binder ring.  Yes...this means that I have a lot of dies.  Having the cards helps me easily find what I die will work for each project. I also store my dies from Just Rite Stampers, Papertry Ink and QuicKutz in the same fashion.  These are my favorite dies to use.  I find the can be easily adapted to almost any project.  Which is probably why I continue to buy more.  I just checked and Joann.com has them on sale again....shhhhhh don't tell my husband.  There is still more room on the tree. :)

So tell me.....how do you store your Spellbinders.


  1. Since I only have two sets of Spellbinders mine are stored in a file folder for now. I do have some tiny dies a friend gave me in a ziplock bag that I will need to figure out how to store. I have some thin corner dies in a CD case with a magnetic sheet. Of course now that you told me about the sale today I may have to come up with something. One thing I have seen and like is a framed sheet of metal. The person used vent covering from Home Depot which is magnetic in place of a photo or whatever. Some of the Spellbinders dies are so intricate they are like little pieces of artwork.

  2. I have a few and keep them in a couple of DVD cases with a magnet sheet to help hold them in place.

  3. The art bin with the magnetic sheets. One for my Stampin up dies and a separate one for other dies. That 2nd on is getting full. Might have to get a third one. I like the artbin containers because the sit well sideways on a shelf and don't take up much room.

  4. Hmmm, I store my dies several different ways. I started out with the black magnetic binders - I had 8 of them full with lots more dies so I added the Art Bin storage bin which is also full. Spellbinder's dies with matching stamps (like Just Rite and Heartfelt Creations) are in the dvd/vhs case with the stamps; I glue in a magnetic sheet. I also have a Crafter's Companion enclosed 3 ring binder which stores stamps and matching dies - however, I don't like it, the stamps don't seem to stay put - even brand new ones. I will be converting those to my dvd/vhs system. Going forward that means 3 ways of storing dies: 1) with stamps, 2) Art Bin cases (downside - they get heavy and you have to flip through pages to find what you want) and 3) Magnetic Folders (since I have so many I use them for specific brands which I may not have a lot of, i.e. all my Nellie's dies fit into 2 binders and all my GEO dies fit into one - I've labeled the sides so I know what's where.

    I'm also creating a 3 ring binder for my die index - similar to the one I have for stamps. Seems like a mish mash, but it actually works quite well for me and I have a LOT of dies from many different companies.