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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Organizing the Cricut

It's Wednesday!  Time for us to share how we organize, or don't organize, this weeks topic.  Until last week, this was my Cricut cartridge storage.

Pretty sad!  In my defense a number of years ago I linked all of my cartridges to my Gypsy, so I rarely used them.  Unfortunately, my Gypsy has since died.  I really love Cricut Craft Room, so until I am able to re-sync my cartridges to Craft Room I need to find a better system.  

The Solution:
As usual, I went to my favorite spot for inspiration.  I went to Pinterest.  What an addictive site. :)  I did not want another box or bin.  I really do not have room for new storage.  I did, however, have a Clip It Up desktop spinner that was not being used very well and I had a light bulb moment.  I have used these heavy duty bags for a number of other storage solutions in my craft room and they were a perfect fit.  They are a 5x8 4-mil ziplock bag.  You can purchase them on Amazon for about $12/100 bags.  

We did run out of bags, but there is still plenty of room on the Clip it Up to finish the job.  I have no plans to purchase additional cartridges as I prefer to purchase the digital version on Craft Room.  Feels great to re-use something in a way that works better. :)

So now it is your turn.  How do you organize, or not organize, your electronic die-cutting supplies and accessories.

Below a link to the Pinterest board I started.  Each week I will add new pins for the topics we are discussing.  By year's end I hope to create a resource for organizing almost every supply we own.:

Don't forget.....Shirley Pando is giving away a free seat to her upcoming Cricut class on stencil making.  Click here to enter.

Thanks for sharing.


  1. I moved them upstairs after linking to the craft room. Hopefully, they are on vacation forever. But, I also downsized from an expression to a mini, and found a great deal on a silhouette portrait, so after making extra space, I filled it again. I am going fully digital with machine images, but carrying on an affair with cutting dies. The edges and detail are so nice. I'm going to try to " quit 'em" though, and use my machines exclusively. I am lucky that that I both work from home and the place by my laptop is available, when not in use for work scanners and stacks and stacks of paper that I scan and file, the die cut machines can come out and play.

  2. I keep my actual cartridges and handbooks in ArtBin containers: http://www.amazon.com/ArtBin-Super-Satchel-Cartridge-Storage/dp/B0051C08LS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1389809136&sr=8-1&keywords=cricut+storage. They are actually stored in a cupboard because I rarely use them. I link my cartridges to Gypsy and CCR and have all my handbooks digitally on my ipad. It's so easy to look through my handbooks. When I want to find a specific image, I use my Gypsy, CCR, or www.mycutsearch.com.

    1. Oh....I like the idea of having the handbooks digitally on my Kindle. I will have to see if they will all fit. Thanks for sharing. :)

    2. Darn, you two are going to "make" me get a digital reader now. ;-)

    3. You download the handbooks as pdf files, so they should definitely fit. Shirley, you really should get a digital reader :).

    4. I use "Goodreader"as my PDF reader in my ipad. It is integrated with the cloud, which allows you to keep storage available on the devices. I also download catalogues, like Tim Holtz, Stampin' Up, etc. to reference the same way. I think it's a great paper clutter buster.

  3. Since I have a Gypsy and never use the physical cartridges, all my cartridges, along with the overlays, booklets and cases, are on a shelf in my closet. I put most of the cases in my green roller case that I used to store my Cricut in. They all didn't fit, so the rest of them are just stacked up next to the case. I really need to organize it better.

  4. I do not have the cartridges to worry about because I have a Silhouette. I do though need to organize the files on my laptop and rename some of them. As well as place a picture of the file in the folder so I know what the file looks like to save me from opening several files to find the one I'm looking for.

    I like how you organized your cartridges and handbooks Jeri.

  5. I use Design Studio and do not have the Gypsy and can not get the CCR to work. All of my cartridges, overlays and handbooks are in boxes with a file folder I made with the Cricut as a divider.

  6. I have a gypsy and (I think) it still works. I guess that means I haven't used it in a while, huh? I have my cartridges, books and overlays in plastic containers that snap together. Even though I have the gypsy, I take my cartridges to crops with my friends about 4 times a year. They are easy to transport this way.
    Thanks for the chance to win a seat in a class!