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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Project Storage: Alcohol Inks

Hey Crafters!

This week we are focusing on alcohol inks.  This has been a fun week for me.  I don't use my alcohol inks very often so I took the opportunity to really play with them this week.  It has been quite fun and I look forward to posting my work tomorrow.

Since I do not have many bottles I store them neatly inside a plastic container and placed on a shelf.  I also have a small plastic palette that I use when working with them.  This is a technique I found via Tim Holtz.  You can leave the ink on the palette and re-activated it with blending solution.  A pretty neat trick. :)

I also updated the My Creative Life 2014 Pinterest board.  As always I am amazed by people's creativity.  The picture below is actually for Stickles, but it would be wonderful for alcohol inks too.

So how do you store your alcohol inks?  What tips and tricks can you share?

1 comment:

  1. My alcohol inks are in one drawer of a 3-drawer plastic set. Works for me, they are contained and if they ever spill, won't make a mess of everything else!

    I have my stickles stored upside down as well. One Christmas my husband and son created a five foot long board they drilled holes through for stickles and perfect pearls. They painted it to match my craft room and it sits on the shelf above my work area. It really doesn't take up much space and everything is out in the open so I use it more.