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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Projects: #26 and #27

This week I focused on Project Inspiration.  I know many of you are doing your own projects.  I hope it is going well.  I would LOVE to know how you are progressing.  I am really looking forward to the end of the year and seeing them all on my wall.  I know they will be a constant source of inspiration for years to come.

This week I finished my ATC cards for stickers and charms.  I actually used charms for both cards.  Charms have always been one of my favorite embellishments to use.

Project #26: Project Inspiration-Stickers
I don't use stickers as often I used to.  But now that I am scrapbooking more I find myself turning to them more often.

Supplies: Stickers, pattern paper, white paint, bottle cap, charm, trim and Crackle Accents by Ranger.

Project #27: Project Inspiration-Charms
As I already stated, charms are one of my favorite embellishments.  These cards represent two of my favorite ways to use charms.  When I think about charms I see them dangling from ribbon and bows.  I recently purchased a Bow-it-All and have fallen in LOVE!  I tend to hold off purchasing tools.  I always think....do I really need that?  But now that I have it I wish I would not have waited so long.  My bows look so much better.

Supplies: Ribbon, charm, safety pin, card stock, stamp, embossing powder and ink.

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