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Friday, April 25, 2014

Project Storage: Ribbon

Hey Crafters,

It is time to talk storage.  Since I have a HUGE love of ribbon...storing it has become a challenge.  And as usual there is no perfect solution.  There rarely is with craft supplies.  I guess if I had an unlimited budget and unlimited space I can find the perfect solution.  But most likely I would continue to buy more until that perfect solution no longer worked.

Last summer I decided it was time to upgrade my ribbon storage.  Years ago I re-organized my ribbon my color, which I love and highly recommend.  But I had long outgrown the plastic shoe boxes I was using.  I decided it was time to de-spool my ribbon.  WOW....I never realized how much room that cardboard spool took up.  I could have opted to put the loose ribbon back into the shoe boxes, but I really wanted a place to also keep my other green fibers and embellishments....so I went shopping. :)

I opted for these deep drawer storage containers.  You can find them in the office section and they run around 5-7 dollars.  You can buy them from Amazon too.  I place the ribbon into to plastic bags (also purchases via Amazon).  The I added buttons, brads, eyelets and other embellishments.

This were where I store most of my ribbon, which is part of my work table.  But one solution never seems to fit all situations.  I also have a small basket for my most used ribbon.  And I still need to work on ribbon that is multicolored.  I have a plan...just not enough hours in the day.  I would much rather be creating then organizing. :)

I also updated the Pinterest board.  I found some amazing ideas for storing ribbon.  So tell me how do you store you ribbon?  And don't forget to join me for my new class: For the Love of Ribbon.  Sign up today and save!



  1. It is hard, and I don't even have that much! I have some spools (the ones that fit) on a tension rod, ones that don't fit on the rod on a shelf, bits in a glass jar, and very wide bits rolled and in a basket. I'm not thrilled. I'm thinking of going to the color organization as you have, but then I have to change containers - argh!

  2. I've learned some good lessons from this, Mandy! I was so proud of organizing my ribbon but I think now I'm going to re-orangaize it and take some tips form you!

  3. I organize mine by color as well, but if I don't see it, I don't use it. I also was on a tight budget, though. So I found an old (unused) set of shower rings & either taped short pieces to them or hung long pieces through them. I hung them on pushpins along my wall just above my scrap table so they are within arms' reach.