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Friday, October 24, 2014

Challenge: Paint-40 Ways to Use Paint

This week is all about paint.  I am pretty sure crafter's have been using paint since the beginning of time. It is pretty much a craft staple.  This week I wanted to see if I could come up with a list of things you can do with paint on your paper crafting or mixed media projects.   I made a list of 40.  Of course, I am sure there are more.  I would love you to share your ideas too.

A quick disclaimer:  As you can clearly see this printer's tray is not complete.  But I have a crafty weekend planned, yes a whole weekend of craft projects. I am so excited.  I will post completed photos next week.

I am quite fond of printer's trays.  I love the different compartments and the depth.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you could see I was quite busy this morning add new pins to my For the Home board.  If you are looking some printer's tray inspiration stop by and check it out.

Project: Paint
Now on to those 40 ways to use paint.

  1. Stamp on fabric.
  2. Paint fabric.
  3. Stamp with paint using foam or rubber stamps.
  4. Color chipboard die-cuts.
  5. Color wood die-cuts.
  6. Dry brush the edge of chipboard or paper accents.
  7. Add color to metal accents.
  8. Use with a mask.
  9. Use with a stencil.
  10. To cover a mistake.
  11. Color wash paper for a mix media or art journaling background.
  12. To create texture using artist paint.
  13. To adhere glitter or beads.
  14. Apply with a toothbrush for a splatter effect.
  15. Watered down paint can be dripped or drizzled on paper/chipboard for a fun effect.  
  16. Create a frame with paint strokes.
  17. To tone down pattern paper....white paint is excellent for this.
  18. Paint over tissue paper for extra texture.
  19. Add color to texture paste.
  20. Apply with a brayer for a fun background.
  21. Add paint to an embossing folder with a brayer for a faux letterpress look.
  22. Color and adhere acrylic accents with paint.
  23. Edge paper or fabric flowers for dimension.
  24. Color twill trim with paint to match your project.
  25. Dry brush to add color to raised areas after dry embossing.
  26. Apply with found objects like cheesecloth, bubble wrap or toilet paper holders for a fun background.
  27. Use artist paint and foam stamps for a dimensional accent.
  28. Hand paint flowers on a canvas or journal page.
  29. Paint letter stickers or chipboard letters with gesso and then paint them to instantly change the color.  Great for older stickers that might not be the 'in' color.
  30. To paint clay accents.
  31. To color masking tape.
  32. Apply with a sponge.
  33. Mix with gesso.
  34. Stipple with a firm brush.
  35. Scrunch plastic wrap into wet paint.
  36. Paint the wrong side of stamped vellum, to make the image stand out.
  37. Color stamped images on canvas.
  38. Dry brush with multiple colors to create a background.
  39. Use with stamps to create a resist.
  40. Add color to metal accents.
You can see a number of these techniques in my completed sections of the printer's tray. :)

Truth be told, I like ink way more than paint.  Mostly because I am just not very patient.  Imagine that. LOL!  And paint takes too long to dry.  Still it is fun to get my hands dirty from time to time.

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Now it is your turn.  What is your favorite way to use paint?


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    1. Thank you for your feedback. I am always looking to improve. :) I hope you have a very, crafty weekend.