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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Organizing: Punches

Hey Craft Lovers!

It is Wednesday....so it is time to talk about storage and organizing.  This weeks topic is punches. :)  I must admit my punches are scattered around my craft room.  My border punches are in the plastic cart pictured below.  My basics shape punches are stored on my work table and all other stamps are in a separate plastic cart.  This would seem not to work, but it does.  I don't have very many punches anymore so it is easy for me to remember what I have.

I did find a number of wonderful storage ideas online and I have added them to our Pinterest Board.  Most of them fall into two categories.....behind the door shoe racks or shelves with doles on them to hold the punches.

For me how I organize my stamps is not as important as knowing what I have, especially when it comes to my basic shapes because those get the most use.  Last year I make this set of templates so I would know if  a punch would work with a specific stamp or embellishment.

I punched each of my basic shapes into a thin piece of plastic and then I labeled them.  I used blank quilter's template material for my think plastic....which you can purchase in any fabric store or the fabric department in a craft store.  You probably could also use product packaging...just make sure it is not too thick.  This saves me so much time.  I have a large selection of stamps and sentiments that work with circles or ovals and I can size them up easily.

Now it is your turn.  Do you have any tips or tricks to share?

1 comment:

  1. I'm think staying behind is a perpetual state of being these days! I love the punch "cards". It's a great way to fool around with the paper and see where I want to punch it.

    Once again - thanks!