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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sticker Storage

Happy Wednesday!

For as long as there has been stickers....there have been storage issues and solutions.  Today there are many options on the market and many different solutions.  I find none of them to be perfect, but all of them have their pros.  The trick is the find the one that works for you.  You know it works when you can find what need and use it on a regular basis.  Your storage solution doesn't work if you find you are never using that supply.

My stickers are stored in several places.  The majority hang from one of my trusty shoe racks. :)

My themed and letter stickers are in a file drawer.  And finally those stickers that were a part of a kit or package generally stay with the paper they came with.  I don't tend to use stickers as much right now, but that is not a reflection of my storage solution.  Most of my stickers are meant for scrapbooking and I have only just started to re-discover my joy of scrapbooking.  I imagine over the coming year I will use them more and more.

I also updated the My Creative Live Organizing Pinterest board.  Lots of cool ideas if you need some inspiration.  So how do you store your stickers?  Is it working or is it time for a change?

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  1. My stickers are housed in folders alphabetically by theme (birthdays, family and home, seasons and holidays, etc.). The folders are in an extra-wide magazine holder resting on its back on the shelf so I can pull the folders out easily. They fit perfectly - after I purged, of course!